Unlocking what is possible

Transforming industries with the most advanced composites and additive manufacturing solution. Continuous Fiber 3D Printing unveils the power of mainstream manufacturing.

Uninterrupted technology

Not just rethinking, transforming.

The CF3D® solution is a new level of optimized and efficient technology built for the future. The process starts with a continuous dry fiber that is impregnated in-situ with a snap curing thermosetting resin deposited by the end effector. The end effector is moved by a motion platform, driven by Continuous Composites’ proprietary toolpath generation software.

CF3D Software

The freedom of design.

CF3D software takes a part through its complete lifecycle to revolutionize your design based on material properties, physical analysis, and actual use cases. Manufacturing possibilities are brought to life with CF3D’s ability to utilize all the degrees of freedom represented in 3D space. Your invitation to create awaits.

CF3D Hardware

Defining a new generation.

CF3D end effectors print continuous fibers in both single-channel and multi-channel configurations. Handling the material from start to finish, the end effectors impregnate the fibers in-situ and cure the fiber + resin combination instantly upon extrusion. CF3D is motion platform agnostic with scalable hardware solutions on both robots and gantries. Continuous Composites is re-engineering the bridge between the digital and physical worlds.

CF3D Materials

Going beyond potential.

High-performance, lightweight, composite materials elevate additive manufacturing to a new level of performance and functionality. Materials are tailorable and flexible to your unique applications with CF3D. This technology is reaching new heights with the ability to print both structural fibers (e.g., carbon, glass, aramid) and functional fibers (e.g., optical, metallic) in a single-step process. Users can print sensing capabilities, electrical circuits, and embedded heat directly into the structure. CF3D provides the foundation for the most innovative material solutions in manufacturing.

Boundless Innovation

All the benefits. None of the constraints.

All the benefits.
None of the constraints.

CF3D is an automated process that leverages the true anisotropic properties of a continuous fiber by discretely printing in the direction of the load conditions. Continuous Composites eliminates the need for molds, ovens, and autoclaves, resulting in high material yield. The benefits of CF3D lead to exponentially lower costs of a finished composite part and can be scaled up for large components, or down for small composite parts.

High-Strength /
Out of Autoclave
High Material Yield
Low Cost
Fast Process
Integrated Functionality
Complex Geometries
Not Limited to
2D Stacking
Freedom of Design
Quick Design Iteration
High-Mix Parts

Patent Portfolio

Behind CF3D

From the beginning, we recognized the disruptive nature of CF3D and focused extensively on patenting all aspects of the technology. Continuous Composites owns the world’s earliest granted patents on printing with continuous fibers and is an established leader of innovation in additive manufacturing using composites.

Here are the latest numbers.

Granted U.S. Patents
U.S. Provisional Applications
U.S Non-Provisional Applications
International PCT Applications
Granted International Patents
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